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Raid Laban College

Welcome to Our College!

Raid Laban College emerged as a remarkable outcome of the collective vision and shared values of numerous individuals. It symbolizes the fusion of dedication and sacrifices made by countless people. The inception of Raid Laban College dates back twenty-five years, when a few insightful individuals in Greater Laban foresaw the necessity for an educational institution to cater to collegiate education. This dream became a reality on a memorable morning, July 2nd, 1984.

To bring this vision to life, a steering committee was established, consisting of twenty-four members. It was chaired by the esteemed late Shri P.M. Ngap, a respected resident of Laban. Mr. O.K. Lyngdoh served as the convenor, while the late Mrs. T. Rynjah undertook the role of Treasurer.

A month later, on August 13th, 1984, the Steering Committee elected the members of the First Governing Body. The Founder President, Shri J.D. Pohrmen, continues to hold this position. Initially, Prof. C.S. Thakur served as the Principal until March 1988. Prof. S. Nongbri, the Founder Secretary and Principal, has served as the full-time Principal  Additionally, Shri A. Lyngdoh was elected as the Vice-President, while the late Shri P.M. Ngap, Shri O.K. Lyngdoh, and the late Mrs. Neena Rynjah were elected as members of the governing body.


All semester students are to submit their ABC ID to Ms. L. Soshang (Dept of Economics)/ College Office (Counter No 3) on or before 12.03.2024 for the creation of CSV Data.....

College will remain closed from 21st Dec 2023 and reopens on 29th Jan 2024 for Winter vacation. The Office will reopens on 23rd Jan 2023 for official communication and correspondence.

College will be celebrating 77th Independence Day on August 15, 2023 at 9:00 AM.

Winter Vacation will start from 21st December 2022. College Office will reopen on 23th January 2023 and the college will start on 30th January 2023. Wishing all Merry Christmas and Advance Happy New Year 2023.

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