Vision & Mission

V I S I O N   AND   M I S S I O N



Raid Laban College is the Outcome of Shared vision and values of everyone involved, with great unity and tremendous commitment. It is the people's heart and in that governs our achievement. "Our aim is building a character of total Integrity and Living the Life of Love and Servie".



It is the mission of the College to engage students of uncommon promise in an intense full-time education of their minds, exploration of their creative faculties and development of their social and leadership abilities.

The great mission of the College is to instill in students the love, the ways and the habit of learning. Developed in association with one another, these gifts will enable them to become     
leaders in many fields of endeavor. Second, it recruits faculty members of high intellectual ability and scholarly accomplishment who have a passion for education both of undergraduates and of themselves, as life-long creators and pursuers of knowledge.

Students specifically from rural areas are molded in every aspect with seriousness of purpose and personal qualities. Raid Laban College is determined to create students which differ widely in their backgrounds and talents be they artistic, social, athletic, scientific or otherwise.

Education as a source of human development will entail for the college not only expansion, in so called sense of the term, but also improvement in quality to equip younger generation to meet the challenges of to-morrow. We are equipped with highly qualified teachers and disciplined students. Every cloud has a silver lining. Hopefully, Raid Laban College would thrash every cloud and let the silver lining shine with the dazzling sun dispersing the Radiance of “Knowledge for progress





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