The Inception

Anything great is nothing but a small thing transfigured. So is the story of Raid Laban College. An outcome of a shared vision and values of everyone involved. RLC is a composite of dedication and sacrifice of not one but millions. Twenty-five years back, a few right-thinking persons of Greater Laban visualized the need for having an educational institution to fulfil the academic aspiration catering to collegiate education. The dream came true one fine morning on the 2nd of July, 1984. A steering committee was formed comprising twenty-four members chaired by (L) Shri P.M. Ngap, a senior resident of Laban. The convenor being Mr. O.K. Lyngdoh and Treasurer (L) Mrs. T. Rynjah.


The Beginning

A month later on 13th of August, 1084, the Steering Committee elected the members of the First Governing Body with Shri. J.D. Pohrmen as Founder President ( who holds the office till date ) ; Prof. C.S. Thakur was the Principal till March 1988. Prof. S. Nongbri as the Founder Secretary and Honorary Principal ( who officiated as the full-time Principal since then) ; Shri. A. Lyngdoh was elected Vice- President, (L) Shri.P.M. Ngap, Shri. O.K. Lyngdoh and (L) Mrs. Neena Rynjah were elected Members.

On the 14th August, 1984, the Governing Body and the Steering Committee submitted the application to the North Eastern Hill University intimating the need for setting up a college at Laban. Eventually, the college started functioning on co-education basis and was formally inaugurated on the 10th of April, 1985 with 28 students in Arts, 24 students in Science and 26 in Commerce. In high gusto, the inauguration ceremony was graced by the then ICAR Director, educationist scientist Dr. D.N. Barthakur supplemented by immense goodwill of well-wishers, social workers, teachers as well as students.


The Contribution

The classes were initially conducted in the Raid Laban school premises. The then Principal of St. Edmund’s College, Brother Shannon, offered temporary help for science practical. A noted Industrialist Mrs. Krom Rapsang solved the problem bearing the entire cost of setting up laboratories which finally amounted to over Rs.One Lack. Generous financial help from two other leading business icons of Shillong, viz,(L) Shri Shrolenson Marbaniang and Shri. M. Nongkynrih helped the college secure affiliation in June, 1886 from N.E.H.U. All the departments opened as it required the college to have a reserve fund of Rs. One Lack. As a sequel, the Government of Meghalaya extended the Ad-hoc-Grant-in-Aid system to the College w.e.f. December, 1986. The College is also indebted to (L) Shri. B.B. Choudhury of M/S Chapala Book Stall, Shillong for his generous contribution towards the College Library. The high structure of the College on its permanent site to-day owes its gratitude to people of Raid Laban. The Dorbar generously donated about 3.4 acres of its land in 1988.



In recognition of its continuous progress in the academic field, the NEHU granted permanent affiliation to the college in 2003. The UGC decided to bring the college under section 12 (B) and 2 (f) enabling the college to receive grants from the commission. Thus, what started as a humble venture with 78 students and 41 voluntary (honorary) teaching staff has  blossomed into a flowering tree with more than 1500 students, more than 60 teachers besides 15 establishment staff notwithstanding the Principal. The grand task of establishing the college has been the joint-venture of Teachers, Social workers and some responsible leading citizens residing at Greater Laban in particular and Shillong in general and it has been a unique conglomeration irrespective of class, creed and religion.

“ Raid Laban College has the distinction of having been established through the initiative and Co-oparation of the people of Raid Laban locality who stood as one man in the need of time” Shri. D.D. Lapang (04/06/88)


                   Motto: KNOWLEDGE FOR PROGRESS

  1.                  To bring benefit to the residence of the area in particular and Shillong in general for easy admission under       
                     an atmosphere of constraint and rush of to-day’s education scenario.
  2.                  To shelter the weaker section of students from North-East in general.
  3.                  To inspire students to go from strength to strength.
  4.                  To lead the community for years to come.



Raid Laban College is the only College in Shillong founded in 1985, International year of the youth. Education as a source of human development will entail for the college not only expansion, in so called sense of the term, but also improvement in quality to equip younger generation to meet the challenges of to-morrow. We are equipped with highly qualified teachers and disciplined students. Every cloud has a silver lining. Hopefully, Raid Laban College would thrash every cloud and let the silver lining shine with the dazzling sun dispersing the Radiance of “ Knowledge for progress ”.



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